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30 Minute Physical Education Lesson Plan

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30 Minute Physical Education Lesson Plan

The lesson plan I am choosing to do is I a setting for outdoors but if needed to it can be put indoors as well. The object of the lesson is time cardio and constant movement. The first step is to divided the class into three or four teams depending on how many kids there are in the class. After they are divided up there needs to be a team captain; which doing this will show team work and compromise on who is going to be the one responsible for the team.

The next step is to have a set obstacle course that first it would run to point A and do 20 jumping jacks, point B would be to do 20 pushups, point C would be 20 sit ups, point D would be jump rope for 30 seconds, point E would make a basket with the basketball and finally making sure you have to touch your team mates hand next in line to finish the course as well. When each person has gone and the first team to finish wins the challenge and explains what they think they did correct to be able win the challenge; whereas the other teams can explain why they think they did not finish first and what they might be able to do the next time to complete the task faster and more accurate. When each team has been able to reflect they nominate a new team leader and start over again and see if there improvements that were discussed are working to improve their performance and team work.

The lesson plan will help improve team work, coordination, cardio and being active. The main thing about this lesson is how the kids are in shape, what they can do to improve it and what might impact their coordination in other areas. Running, jumping, shooting, and team work can be incorporated into any sport or function kids might get involved in.



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