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Physical Education

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"Ring ring ring!" The school bell rang for sixth period. All of my friends excitedly leaped 1000 feet out of there chairs to go to our next class. Myself on the other hand got up like a turtle. It was time for the worst class of my life. I dreaded it all day long, and here it was. Even worse, we were beginning a new unit today. I took a deep breath as I walked through the doors, there was no turning back. Physical Education...here I come.

The tardy bell rang as I was sitting in my spot waiting for role to be called. All of my friends were giggling and smiling with pure excitement in there eyes. I was disgusted. The smell of shoes and sweat. The sounds of whistles blowing, shoes squeaking, and balls bouncing. I was sick to my stomach. I'm not an athlete nor am I someone who liked to play sports or even watch them for that matter. Most people just laugh at that, but they didn't understand. I hated it more than anything.

"Good afternoon everyone!" , said coach goodloe in excitement. "we're starting a

new unit today and I think everyone is really going to enjoy it." To tell you the truth the word "enjoy" is definitely not on my list of words that go along with P.E. "Can I get a drum roll?" asked coach goodloe. Everyone begin beating there hands on the floor. I just sat there. What was it going to be this time? "Softball!" she shouted with joy. The entire class was chanting and yelling. I was still sitting down. I couldn't believe this was happening. I began feeling sick again. I was shaking all over. I think I may have died just for a moment there.

My class began stretching and a zillion different things were running through my mind. "What's softball? Does it involve running? Are there teams? How big is the ball?" Then I began thinking of excuses, "How could I get out of this? Fake a headache? Tell the coach that I twisted my ankle?" In my mind, nothing could've been much worse than this. I took a deep breathe and told myself that it was time to face my fears. I stood up straight like a soldier and began preparing to dominate the game of softball and conquer my life long fear of P.E.

Coach goodloe began splitting us up into teams. Last names starting A through N were in the field, M through Z were up to bat. I was on the batting team. I was extremely nervous but I was confident as well.



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