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800 Seats Concert of Khalil Fong

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Essay Preview: 800 Seats Concert of Khalil Fong

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The project of this report is to conduct a concert of an international singer, Khalil Fong. There will be 800 audience attend the concert and the whole process of the project will be based on this size. The purpose of the concert is to improve the popularity in foreign entertainment market, which will be helpful for the future expansion in Singapore. And this concert will be like a gift for the fans in Singapore so that the project will be conducted as a revelry party. In the same time, there is an achievement of certain profit income by organization of this concert. Therefore, the life cycle of the project will be based on these requirements.

To complete this concert, there are lots of factors need to be concerned, such as location, staff and equipment. The place that holds this concert will satisfy the requirement of 800 seats for audiences. And the most important is the atmosphere making of the concert. The equipment of concert director, design of stage, lighting, smoke effects and even firework will be considered. And the sound system and screen will be settled. There is no doubt, it is necessary that staff has been hired to control the order and keep security in the concert. The whole process and elements will be introduced in this report.

Definition of project scope

a. Project objective: the concert will be hold in total one month from preparation to perform day. The budget will within $400,000 for the project include all the cost.

By holding this concert, the popularity of the singer in Singapore will be improved. It is significant for the development of the artiste in foreign entertainment market. And for the company that artiste be longs to, the achievement is certain level of profit that this concert can make. There is no doubt that concert has to make benefit after entertainment company invest. The income from ticket selling will be considered as objective.

b. Deliverables: the venue that can hold 800 seats with good view need to be rent from outsource. The mike and speaker; LED screen; lighting; smoke and firework equipment also need to be bought from outsource and need professional staff to control. The technical equipment has to be build and controlled by people who has professional skills and knowledge. All these equipment need to be considered as output cost that has to be bought form outsource.

c. Milestones: the milestone has been draw as an approximate schedule that related to the events of the project. There are some events can be start in the same time so that the scope has been arranged efficiently. As the following diagram has shown:

Date Events

1st Sep to 5th Sep sign contract with artiste; design the stage; direct the whole process of concert;

6th Sep to 13th Sep hire professional staff; hire backing band

6th Sep to 15th Sep rent the venue; order the facilities

6th Sep to 20th Sep ticket sell; propaganda events

21th Sep to 28th Sep build the stage; arrange staff for security and order

29th Sep to 30th Sep rehearsal

1st Aug to 2th Aug perform

d. Technical requirements: in the technical level, the cooperation of lighting, screen and sound system has been controlled by computer. And the skill of this controlling system needs to be professional and well organized. The facilities have to be related to the performance of the artiste, which will be helpful to make the atmosphere and effective of the stage and whole performance. So the cooperation in every department has to be confirmed as integrated to achieve the expected effect.

The whole process need to be based on stable and powerful electronic system. As the whole system needs to be controlled by computer and electronic facility, one of the requirements is ensure the effective power supply to support the operation of sound system, lighting and LED screen.

e. Limits and exclusions: the uncertainty of this project will be the limit. The accommodation and the travel fees of the artiste have not been covered in the project.

The most of the equipment has been relied on outsource. There is possible that the delivery of equipment will be delay to slow down the project.

Project priorities

The time of the concert is not so strict that only need to relate each event in project. The performance is most significant for this project that will directly influence the results of this project's objectives. The cost can be flexible for the concert and the level of investment can be accepted by the host of the concert. The following project priority matrix will show the details

Time performance cost




Work breakdown structure

Estimation of project

Estimation of cost

Responsibility and resources

The responsibility of this project will be finished by six people that they will has their own task to cover. The following responsibility and resources matrix will show the estimation of task. Some task will be complete by the outsourcing staff so the staff of this project will be only responsible for supervise or support.

Task A B C D E F

Sign contract with artiste R

Design the stage R R S

Design the whole concert process R R

Hire professional staff S R R S

Rant venue S R

Buy and rant facilities S R

Propaganda events S S R




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