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908th Airlift Wing

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908TH Airlift Wing


Attention: Good Morning "Echo" Flight 09-06! My name is TSgt. Abernathy and I'm here to brief you about the 908th Airlift Wing, Air Force Reserve Command located at historic Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama.

Purpose: To inform you about the Air Force reserves impact in a demanding active duty world.

Overview: To achieve this purpose, I will discuss our history and airlifters from "way back."

Transition: Many people don't recognize the significance of the USAF Reserves or why we exist. Many reservists fill the void of active duty personnel to accomplish the military mission to fly, fight, and win.


Main Point 1: History


Established as the 908th Troop Carrier Group at Bates Field, Mobile, Alabama. on Feb. 11, 1963. In October 1964, the unit moved to Brookley AFB also in Mobile.

There the 908th built a substantial record of humanitarian airlifts, as well as taking care of regular cargo and mail missions to free Military Airlift Command aircraft committed to Southeast Asia.

In Feb. 1969, another move was announced. The 908th moved to Maxwell AFB, AL. The 800 member unit dropped down to a mere 275 people.

Dec. 1971, the 908th was renamed a tactical airlift group.


The mission of the 908th Airlift Wing is to recruit, organize, and train Air Force reservists to be prepared for active duty in the time of war, national emergency or when otherwise required to maintain national security.

In the event the unit is mobilized, the operational functions of the 908th Airlift Wing are to support theater air forces for re-supply missions, routine airlift requirements of the theater commander and airlift employment operations within the combat zone or forward area.

In addition, the unit provides aero-medical, refugee evacuation, and expands strategic airlift forces

The wing has approximately 1,200 officers and Airmen.

The day-to-day operations of the 908th are handled by a group of 175 civil servants known

as Air Reserve Technicians, who also serve as reservists. An Air Reserve

Technician (ART) carries dual status, working as a full-time Department



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