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English 101 - Five Golden Wings

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Tu Nguyen

Emily W. Hughes

English 101


"Five Golden Wings"

"Starfruit" captures in my teenage fascination with Fruit Treasure, which was the Vietnamese name for the American fruit. Star Fruit sold in the UK is mostly imported from Malaysia as of 2004. It is also grown in Florida and in Central and South America. The origin of the Starfruit is Sir Lanka and Moluccas. Starfruit was cultivated in Southeast Asia and Malaysia. The name of the vary depending on Its location. I remember that Asia is the best about fresh fruit and rice. "We have fresh fruit and vegetable marketing and distribution in Asia." my grandfather said. In my country, we have a lot of different kinds of fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas, custard apples, cashews, dragon fruit, guavas, rambutans, and magoteen, etc...Those are also my favorite fruits that I never forget what it tastes and smells like. But the one that I never forget in my life is starfruit. However, in my memory starfruit is also my treasure, my home town and my best friend. Among a list of reasons, Three stand out.

In the first place, starfruit is my treasure, my home and also my best friend forever. I remember that my house has a big backyard. My grandfather who is my hero, love very much, has been growing a lot of trees and fruits in the backyard. We had two starfruits' tree, one guava's tree, one mango's tree, two custard apples' tree and one Logan's tree. Starfruit tree is my favorite one. When I was young as my childhood, I used to climb up to the tree and played there. I climbed up there almost every day when I got home after school. My grandfather and I made a small house in the tree for myself. "I will help you make a house tree. It's my present," my grandfather said. It's also my secret place. I didn't know why all people in my country call it is starfruit. I heard they call it a Star fruit because of its shape. The shape looked like a star. When I cut it from the tree, it look like a star in the sky. Some other call "five golden wings". Because, It is a yellow- green fruit that is shaped like a star. The fruit has ridges running down its sides (usually five) which in crossing section resembles a star, hence its name. It is also Waxy and firm, and holds its shape when cut. Moreover, It has a refreshing taste, somewhat between apples, pears and grapes, though some varieties are more tart than sweet. If starfruit start to yellow, then it's sweet. If starfruit has greenish ones, it will have a tart taste. In addition to, after school I always asked my friend come over my house to join the starfruit with me.

Just in the same way,



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