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A Book and Movie That Holden Would Like

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Essay Preview: A Book and Movie That Holden Would Like

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A Books That Holden Would Like

The Stranger by Albert Camus

The Stranger by Albert Camus is a book about a man named Meursault and his perspective before and after his mom's death. Meursault is a character that would appeal to Holden because his disconnection to society. He is completely indifferent towards the world around him and society itself, similar to Holden's discontent with all of the phonies in the general population. Because he is so fixed on phonies, Holden might also be drawn to the use of truth in the novel. Meursault is constantly being judged by many others just like Holden is. However, Meursault remains honest and direct. Although normally one might feel grief in his situation, Meursault once again goes beyond what is accepted, and does not exhibit agony at his mother's funeral. In addition, the ending might fascinate Holden. Because Meursault refused to give into a religion because he was so honest, he was severely punished. Instead of that "Hollywood" feeling of a happy ending, Meursault accepts his punishment and is executed.

A Movie That Holden Would Like

Igby Goes Down

I would recommend the movie "Igby Goes Down" for Holden to watch because it is something that he can relate to. Like Holden, the main character, Igby, is learning how to cope with all the hardships in his life. Both Igby and Holden have a family member who suffered from Cancer and have to adapt. After Igby gets kicked out of prep school, he escapes into Manhattan, just as Holden escapes into New York upon getting expelled. Although Holden does not have sex, they both fool around with women they don't have feelings for. Holden will also like the fact that the characters aren't phony because they don't follow the social protocol. The main character is rebellious, just as he is. Despite seeming distant, his mother also supports her son, rather than opposes - something most mothers would not do. Unlike most movies, this one does not have a happy ending; rather, it leaves you unsure of the outcome. This more realistic approach towards an ending will be something Holden is able to connect his future too.



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