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Romeo and Juliet Book and Movie

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Essay Preview: Romeo and Juliet Book and Movie

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Romeo & Juliet

1. The book and the movie have a lot of differences and similarities. One of the differences between them is the setting of the story is very different. In the book the setting is 16th century, Italy, Verona where as in the movie the setting is 19th century, California beach, USA. Since there is a timeline difference between the book and the movie a lot of things change such in the book commonly used weapon was swords and in the movie the swords are replaced with guns. In the book fights are done with a type called fencing but in the movie instead of fencing, show downs take place. The setting also changes the characters a lot, the two household become the two mafia gangs of the Verona beach also Romeo being the son of the godfather he takes drugs before the party. Since there are no servants and prince in 19th century, the prince and the servants become head cop and the gang crews. The effects of the drugs uplifts Romeo's mood which eventually is the reason of Romeo falling in love with Juliet. The setting might be the biggest reason for all the differences between the movie and the book.

2. One of the similarities between the movie and the book is that the makers of both had the characters carry weapons with them at all times. Two different types of weapon but were used in the same ways in the movie and the book.



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