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A Comparison Study of Two Teams on Evaluating the Members Achievement on Goals and Objectives

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Essay Preview: A Comparison Study of Two Teams on Evaluating the Members Achievement on Goals and Objectives

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Leadership and management may be considered differently in theory but in practice there may not be much of a difference. The functional issues are of the leader, the followers (subordinates) toward tasks and the behaviours to each other. The main player in an environment of workplace is the Manager or the leader because their main purpose is to achieve the objectives and goals set. The styles leadership may vary but the key to success is dependant on several behaviours from the leader. The leader needs to build good relationships, trust with the groups for the two be willing to follow. The leader strive to bring in emotional bonds to the employees so that the working environment is friendly and as a result benefit from it. Communication is kept open this ensures that the teams have clear objectives or goals to achieve. The capabilities of a leader to inspire employees towards the vision and the future. In simple term, according to Goleman one needs emotional intelligence (EI), The ability to manage ourselves and our relationships through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills.

Decision making for a leader is important since there have good and bad impact in the operation of an organisation and its employees. Therefore, if subordinates are involved in problems or issues a group approach is ideal because most of the employees contribute to alternatives which may ultimately result a consensus solution.



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