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A Cycle of Oblivious Victims

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Essay Preview: A Cycle of Oblivious Victims

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There’s a place in this world where love’s essence has always been arcane. But then a man and a woman felt an irresistible urge to own each other’s body and make a being that’s anticipated to see the world and not to understand its entirety. A little boy has appeared. He’s given things that seemed needed by him as well as activities that he should do.

“Hey son, come here, I’ll teach you how to pray to our God.”– his mother

“Then I will let you play with this toy that I bought for you.” – his father

Then he asked about those things but the answers were vague to him. A crime had begun.

He’s growing and he had seen an idiot box with strange things that dance inside which he imitated and his parents gave him a spontaneous laugh with hands clapping for him. He reached the sixth year of his existence and a school was ready to teach him what to think about and what to put inside his head. He didn’t refuse. He’s also fond of watching foreign movies about zombies on that idiot box but didn’t recognize that he might be one of those walking dead.

“Great! I want to be one of the artists that played the role of zombies!” He told himself. He’s basing his wants according to others without knowing himself.

He reached his teenage life and thought that he’s free and happy, until one day, he got a low grade because he wasn’t able to commit terms into his memory the other night. His parents got disappointed because grades are their basis of success so he thought he’s a fool. He hated his parents and he chose to cheat together with his seemingly great friends in order to pass his exams. His grades had also been his way to get the material things that he desired.

He’s inside his Philosophy class and his teacher was talking about a Jean Paul Sartre’s quote.

“MAN is NOTHING ELSE but WHAT HE MAKES OF HIMSELF.” the teacher said.

Well, as usual, he just woke up from a short sleep and busily played with a small piece of a quiz paper which contained a perfect score of 10 that he crumpled.

As the time passed by, he finished his seemingly great education with flying colors but unconsciously carried the fact that he just slept in the classroom, studied for exams and allowance, didn’t really read substantial books, and just fantasized about the lovely bosoms of the girl that he saw inside the idiot box. Well, he tried to look for a job. He got one, but he’s not contented with the money that he received every 15th day and last day of the month so the thought that he’s suffering was formulated in his mind.

He then met a girl with an alluring face who also worked at same place where he was working. Just like his parents, an irresistible urge dominated their minds. Another being has arrived. He and his girl decided to go in a distant place where money was being easily accumulated. They left the new being in the hands of his parents.

“Don’t leave me here please, my parents. Take me with you. I’m begging.” The new being cried.

“Don’t worry, your grandparents will take care of you. Always remember that this is for you, my child. We love you.” He said.




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