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Human Sexual Response Cycle

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Essay Preview: Human Sexual Response Cycle

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Human Sexual Response Cycle

Brandon Lane


Psy 210

Andy Gauler

The human sexual response cycle is a four stage model of physiological responses during sexual stimulation. The four stages are the excitement phase, the plateau phase, the orgasmic phase, and the resolution phase. These different founded by William Masters and Virginia Johnson. They wrote a book called Human Sexual Response back in 1966. (Sexual Response Cycle (2004)

The Excitement Phase is the first stage of the human sexual response cycle. This stage occurs when any type of sexual behavior occurs such as kissing petting, or even viewing pornographic material. This stage occurs happens because the body experiences an erotic, physical or mental stimulation. In male and females this phase increases the heart rate, and may cause a high level of hard breathing. It is also common to have an increase in blood pressure as well. It is said that all females will experience an erection the nipples, and that about 60 to 70 percent of males will experience this stimulation as well. This happens because there is a direction stimulation that occurs. Another term that is associated with the excitement phase is called the sex flush. The sex flush will often occur in warmer temperatures rather than cooler. More women will experience this rather than males. When a woman goes through the sex flush they will get pink spots that will be found under the breast, then eventually they will spread throughout the entire breast surface area. These spots can also spread to the face, hand, and even the bottoms of the feet. Another term for the sex flush is called the Vasocongetsion of the skin. This can also be the reason for a change of color of the clitoris and the vaginal wall when a sexual arousal takes place. When a male does go through this stage they will tend to see a change in color across the chest. This will continue to spread throughout the whole body. You can also experience a coloration of the neck, face and forehead. The sex flush will usually start to fade away after some sort of orgasmic activity occurs. In the excitement stage males will get a partial erection after just a few seconds has passed by. The testicles are usually drawn upward and the scrotum can become sensitive, because it usually thickens or grows in size. In females their usually will be an increase in size of the breast. The vaginal walls will become more sensitive and they will usually expand as the uterus elevated, and a vaginal lubricant is created. (Sexual Response Cycle (2004)

The next stage of the cycle is referred to as the Plateau phase. This phase happens right before the orgasmic activity occurs in both males and females. This is when you would experience



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