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A Description of the Location of the Planned Development

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Essay Preview: A Description of the Location of the Planned Development

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A description of the location of the planned development.

The Jewel Resort is planned to be built on the corner of Old Burleigh and Warf Road at the southern end of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland. It will be on a 1.13 hectare site and will take 110 metres out of the three km of beachfront at Surfers Paradise. The area that the building is planned is heavily populated and does not have very much flora in the area apart from whatever has been planted in gardens and the flora on the beach. The Jewel is to be built on on the site formerly known as Pacific Beach.

A description of the type of development including aspects that make the project an example of an ecologically sustainable environment.

'The Jewel' is a triple tower beachfront resort which features; a 45 story six-star hotel with 300 suites and apartments, a 41 story luxury apartment block with 300 suites and a 35 story elite apartment block with 108 premium apartments.

The facilities in these towers include sub-tropical themed landscaping around the area, cascade, reflection, rooftop and plunge pools, a public piazza which links to the beach, a beach club, ballrooms and meeting facilities, a world class gymnasium, a day spa and a recording studio with a bar, pool and rooftop garden.

The two residential buildings are aiming for a 5 Star Green star rating which means that 80% of the buildings floor area is used by either education, healthcare, industrial, multi unit residence, offices or shops. The towers must also stand out and will have a maximum greenhouse gas emission.

The hotel plans to achieve a 5 star NABERS rating which means that it will be rated by it's number of guest rooms, hotel rating, climate, number of laundry serviced rooms, heated swimming pool areas, number of conference seats and it's energy and water consumption.

An artists impression of what The Jewel will look like.

An outline of the view of 2 groups and/or individuals who may respond to the development. One must be for the development and one must be against the development.

The Jewel is overall a very popular development, although there are a few individuals protesting against it. One of these individuals is Victor Feros, a town planner who owns an apartment just south of the Jewel site. Victor is against the project saying that it would undermine the "maintenance of clarity in urban character" of the area and that the proposal is "devoid of well-manneredness, is insensitive to its surroundings and fails in its understanding of, and its response to, its genius loci". Two wealthy families are also protesting against the development, though Steve Harrison, local urban development institute of australia director, says



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