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A Game Not Worth Missing - Suny New Paltz Women's Basketball Game

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Essay Preview: A Game Not Worth Missing - Suny New Paltz Women's Basketball Game

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Sweat drips from every sector of the body; your heart is pumping as fast as a motor in an engine. The game is tight and you and your team are one point ahead and on its way to the companionship, and the only thing missing is a cheering and supportive crowd to back you up. Unfortunately, this is a typical scenario at a SUNY New Paltz women's basketball game. More and more people have chosen to support the men's basketball games and disregard supporting the women's basketball team. The lack of support has been an ongoing issue and has never been brought to attention. The blue and orange made it to the SUNYAC Women's Basketball Championship Tournament for the sixth straight year and finished in the top four to secure a home game in the first round of the SUNYAC tournament for the fifth consecutive year. Over that five-year span, the Hawks boasted a 61-23 record (.709) in conference play, which is the second-best SUNYAC record over that time. The women's basketball team winning strike continues to rise and is a game worth watching.

The women's basketball team continues bring home winning seasons. Their absence of fan support has been substituted by supporting each other on the court. The women's basketball team and the men's basketball team may have the same amount of star players, however the women's basketball team has more of an impact on the game and is a game worth watching.

Although the game of basketball is played by men and women, it is evident that the women's basketball team delivers well each game. Statistics have proven that in the last seven years the Men's basketball team has not had won a season yet. The women's basketball team has won five winnings and lost two seasons within the past seven years; this year making it the highest scoring season of them all. Their scores continue to rise making their team stronger and soon enough undefeatable. The men's basketball team may have made it to the play offs and also had their highest winning season score of eleven winnings and fourteen losses just does not compare to the women's basketball team.

Besides having more winning seasons then the men's team, the women's basketball team also plays better as a team. The women's basketball team has learned to play together and have a common unity with each other making them able to play better. Taylor Sowah a freshmen and the team's MVP on the men's basketball team agrees that the men's basketball team lacks teamwork. The lack of team work has cause segregation and every man for himself, the spot light and being known as the best has become more important than playing together as a team. Their lack of team work has shown through causing the team to suffer and become second in priorities. He also mentioned after their consecutive loses it not only played a role on the scoring board it also played onto the teams' sprite. The turnout of the game no longer had value to the players because it was seen as just another loss. The women's basketball team may not have the support from the school, but they have found support within each other as a team. The driven competition that the men's basketball team should have on the court towards bettering the game is more focused on themselves and not the team. The women's basketball team may lack skills in dunks and tricks, however consequently that helps them to perfect their skills that they already obtain as a team to play better, in results of winning more games. Basketball is a team effort and does not consist of just one player. If we compare the box scores from the men's to the women's basketball team we will find that there is not just one or two star players leading the game, they play together to propel the team towards a win.

The excitement of a game is followed by watching the best team and the best player on a team. Choosing sides in a game and playing favoritism has been universal in the sports culture. It has been somewhat of a choice to choose a team and in most cases it is has to be the best team. Nobody wants to cheer for a losing team, however in reference to SUNY New Paltz it has become the opposite as more people attend the Men's basketball games yet in most cases they lose. The expectation of the game can always be predicted and the results are almost always same. There vain reputation takes away from the excitement of watching the game and any suspense that follows while watching. The women's team is more skill oriented that shooting dunks and their lack of steals make them more exciting to watch and a better team. The game of basketball consists of team and if there is one specific person leading the game than behind that person that is following behind that person than they are called an assist. In comparison to the women's basketball team the men's basketball team does not average as much assists. Take for example the season of 2010 and 2011, Shereef Taylor had sixty eight assist and the next assist next to his was twenty assists less. Caitlen Irwin, with sixty two assist, and Kaitlin Clifford with fifty seven helps contribute to a more unified team. This team first mentality has not only unified the team, but also helped the women's basketball team to win more games, thus making them a team worth watching.

In addition to watching the best teams play people also watch to see the best players. People want to pay to see the best and in our current day and age where games are being streamed live on



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