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Arab Women Leadership

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Essay Preview: Arab Women Leadership

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Values: Her ethical architecture

Values in the context of this study are defined as a set ofideals, standards and principles that influence behaviour.

Countries throughout the Arab world place strong emphasis on specific values and norms that range from dignity and faith to reputation and modesty. The core values identified by Arab women as playing a central role in their lives are:

* Family values

* Dignity

* Femininity values

* Gratefulness

* Modest

* Integrity

* Justice

* Reputation

* Self-respect

* Spiritual values

* Trust in the inherent

* goodness of others

Above all, Arab women leaders consider family values the most important drivers of everyday life. Many of those surveyed believe that if a woman is not successful at home, she will never excel professionally.

Skills: Her strategic skill base

Whether through education or work, Arab women leaders identified the key skills that have enabled their ascent to positions of leadership. It is worth noting, however, that few, if any, of the women surveyed received formal leadership training or relevant continuing education during their careers.

The leadership skills identified by Arab women leaders as being central to their career path are as follows:

* Critical and analytical skills

* Decision making

* Emotional and social intelligence

* Influencing skills

* Listening skills

* Managing conflict

* Multi-tasking and being able to maintain a work-life balance

* Negotiation skills

* Problem solving

* Public speaking

* Taking initiative

* Verbal

* Communication

Hard work and skill development at school were considered critical to the skill-building process.

Traits: Her competitive edge

Traits can be defined as the personal qualities of an individual. Various theories on leadership traits1 emphasise the importance of being honest, forwardlooking, competent, inspirational and intelligent. Arab women leaders consider determination and perseverance to be of primary importance



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