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A Great Life Apollo

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Apollo lived a great life as a worshiped god. Apollo is the god of light and sun, truth and prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, arts and much more. Apollo is the son of Zeus and leto, he also has a twin sister the chaste huntress Atremis. Apollo also has a son of his own named Asclepius. Apollo was worshiped by the ancient greek, by the roman and the Greco-Roman Neopaganism. He was the patron of Delphi, the oracular god. Hyms sung to Apollo were called paens. In the 3rd century Apollo was identified as Helios the titan god of the sun.

Apollos birth was difficult because Hera banned Leto from terra firma when she found out about Leto's pregnancy. Leto found the floating island of Delos, accsepted by all the people she then gave birth promising that her son will be favourable toward the city. Zeus the secured the island to the bottoms of the ocean. Later the island became sacred to Apollo. Four days after his birth Apollo killed the chthonic dragon phython which lived in delphi beside the castalian spring. The phython was sent by Hera to kill Leto, soon after Hera sent the giant tityos to kill her. Apollo and his sister teamed up to protected there mother.

During the trojan was it was sayed that Apollo shot arrows infected with the plague into the Greek encampment . Apollo did this because one of his priest's daughter got captured and he demanded her return.

Later in his life Zeus struck down his son with a lightning bolt for resurrecting Hippolgtus from the dead. Apollo then killed the cyclopes that made the bolt for Zeus, he was then sentenced to one year of hard labor as punishment. He served as sherperd to the king Admetus, the fates granted the king a longer life for taking such great care of Apollo during his sentence.

Apollo had many female and male lovers, Daphne daughter of the river god Peneus who loved him but was shot by cupids leaden arrow causing her to be repulsed by Apollo, after a spirted chase from Apollo she begged her father for help he then made her into a laurel tree, sacred to Apollo.

Apollo then had a affair with a human princess named Leucothea , daughter of Orchamus and sister of Clytre. She was in love with Apollo but her sister was jealous and wanted Apollo for herself, so she told her father about there affair. Her father then ordered Leucothea to be buried alive, Apollo refuse to forgive Clytia and let her grow old, he then transformed her into a heliotrope or sunflower, which follows the sun everyday.

Marpessa was kidnapped by Idas but Apollo was also in love with her, Zeus made her choose between them and she choose Idas because Apollo was immortal and would grow tired of her when she grew old. He then loved Castalia but she did not and fled to the springs at Delphi which is now named after her and sacred water.

Cyrene gave him a son named Aristaeus. Hecuba gave him a son named Troilus and coronis gave him a son named Asclepius.



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