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A Japanese Restaurant

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A Japanese Restaurant

I was driving down the road back from college and I was feeling very hungry. I couldn't even think properly, all I wanted to do was to gobble down Japanese food. I could almost taste the Cung Pow chicken and the smell the steaming rice while I was driving my car.

As I parked in the parking lot and got out of my car I could clearly see the restaurant. There was a big sign outside slightly tilting to the left as it hung over the entrance and boldly read Sunami. From the windows outside I could see inside and it didn't seem to be all that crowded. At the entrance of Sunami there was bronze statute of a pudgy monk sitting crossed legged with his belly building out and with a huge smile on his face.

Just as I stepped inside Sunami my ears filled with sound of the booming noises of the costumers. The people were obviously sounded like they were having a good time with all the laughing and charter. I took a seat at my usual booth, I didn't even need to look at the menu. I was approached by a waitress who had the most sweet sounding voice I had ever heard.

After I had placed my order and I sat at the booth waiting for my food. I took a sip of my water with a slice of lemon, I then took a deep breath and the most wonderful yet familiar aroma filled my nostrils. I couldn't place it but it smelt a little like the Japanese dish I usually order Cung Pow Chicken. I kept taking deep breaths and turning my head to see where this delicious aroma was emanating. Sure enough there it was my platter of chicken and rice being brought in by the waitress and it was mine to devour.

The wonderful sounding waitress laid down the food and reminded me to leave some room for desert. Right then desert was the last thing on my mind, all I wanted was just eat. I put the fist morsel of Cung Pow in my mouth and wow it tasted GREAT. The salt wasn't too much and the seasonings were just great. The rice as well was cooked to perfection and oh so scrumptious.



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