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Descriptive Essay: Restaurant

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Essay Preview: Descriptive Essay: Restaurant

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You step out of your car on a warm summer day, your stomach grumbling, reminding you that you have yet to fill it. An alluring aroma catches your attention and you forget all previous plans, the succulent scent pulling you down the sidewalk. As you arrive to your stomachs destination, you look up at a rock-textured sign saying 'Olive Garden' in bold green letters with the signature purple wine-grapes and green vines adorning the right side of the sign. Your stomach beckons you in and you can do nothing but surrender to the finest, still affordable meal you've experienced in a long time. Olive Garden's food and atmosphere are exceptionally appealing.

Olive Garden's atmosphere is comforting and calming. When you enter you immediately feel relaxed because of the dim candle-like lighting. There's peaceful piano-melody classical music playing faintly like lightly falling rain in the background that calms you. The permeating aroma of the restaurant also hits your nose as the intermingling scents of pasta, breads, soups, and more assault your senses, so that you swear you can taste just by the smell. As you are guided to your seat you notice that the tables are spaced out for a peaceful experience to avoid overcrowding and allow you to have a sense of privacy when you're making conversation since your table isn't right up against the next. You also notice the walls around you are colored a warm and inviting beige color or a castle-like brick color that gives you a comforting feeling and a sense of upper-class. There are also small fire-places placed around the restaurant, keeping the temperature warm, but not overly hot, and it makes you feel as though you're home. The atmosphere of Olive Garden is something you're unable to get anywhere else.

Olive Garden's never-ending breadsticks and salad are appetizing. A basket of golden-brown breadsticks is set in front of your table along with a glass bowl of freshly cut emerald salad. Taking a bite of one of the breadsticks, you notice the blend of oregano, garlic, and salt and the soft spongy texture of the light colored bread. You then load your plate with crisp iceberg lettuce that's topped with cherry-colored, ripened, half-sliced roma tomatoes, perfectly sliced rings of crunchy red onion, thinly grated parmesan cheese, buttery light brown crunchy croutons, and Olive Garden's signature dressing that's a tangy Italian flavor.

An entrée of five cheese ziti al forno is served in a timely manner so you can enjoy a delicious and fragrant meal. As you take a taste of the noodles, you notice they don't even stick together and that they have a soft slippery texture. The pale-yellow colored noodles are covered in a delicious and robust burgundy marinara sauce that tickles the taste buds with the flavors of tomatoes, garlic, basil, and oregano. On top of that the pasta is sprinkled



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