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A Sound of Thunder

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The short story “A Sound Of Thunder” is a fiction story about time traveling. The story starts of by saying that an hunter is willing to pay $10,000 to go on an time travel journey. He did this because there is a time traveling company that lets you do time traveling safaris and Eckels is eager to do it and pays for his adventure. The company is very sketchy because i does not guarantee your safety or even returning back home. But this does not stop the eiger hunter. Eikel and two other hunters over view their travel guide before going and as fast as an blink of an eye, BOOM they traveled sixty million two thousand and fifty-five years back in time. The group of hunters are ready to hunt their very own T-Rex. In the beginning of the trip they had an argument about the rules and triggering the butterfly effect. Then later on they parted ways to find their own ways. Then Travis finds a T-rex and it was attacking him while all the hunters are yelling and telling him to run back to the time machine. This has happened because they had made a plan and one of the hunters was supposed to shoot first and that endangered their lives and the T-Rex was chasing them. Then BAM! A hunter shot the T-Rex and it died. But here is the problem none of them wanted to go back to the future because they were scared if they ruined something. And as they landed they found out that everything has changed, the air smelled terrible, things were spelled differently, and also there was a dictator in leadership.



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