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A World Lit only by Fire

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My name is yasmeen and this is my first time on this website i dont really have a paper to submit so im writing a short bio. about myself. Im 15 i attend Stanton College prep. I run track and im very good at it. I want to be a pyschologist when i grow up and work with children and as a job on the side i want to become a nail technician and major in cosmotology in a community college and for pyschology i want to attend UCF in orlando. Heres an Assignment tht i need to do.

A World Lit Only By Fire

Summer Reading Assignment

Section 1: The Medieval Mind

1. Whose country was described as "the back of a horse?"

The Huns because they turned war into an industry

2. Who declared he was "above grammar?"

The Holy Roman Emperor

3. Who invaded Rome in A.D. 410?

Alaric I

4. Who was the last Roman emperor of the west?

Romulus Augustulus

5. What were the serfs' basic agricultural tools?

6. Why did outlaws flourish in the Hercynian Forest?

7. What replaced Rome as the imperial fixer of European frontiers?

8. What is the Nicene Creed?

9. What was the first great work to shape and define the medieval mind?

10. What did Canossa symbolize?

Secular submission because Henry IV gave in after spending three days in the snow.

11. When did the designation of saints emerge?

12. Why did Leo III become a very unpopular emperor?

13. From where did the name exchequer emerge?

14. What was the lowest title of the aristocratic order?

15. Why were proclamations from the Holy See called bulls?

16. Why was the papacy moved to Avignon in 1305?

17. Why do we know nothing of the architects and builders of Chartres or


18. What was the Great Schism?

19. When did the Renaissance begin?

Section 2: The Shattering

1. Who was the next explorer to successfully navigate the Straits of Magellan

after Magellan?

2. What was the policy of Spain toward Jews beginning in 1492?

3. What was the most celebrated crime of the Middle Ages?

4. According to Manchester, at any given moment the most dangerous

enemy in Europe was who?

5. Who said "God has given us the papacy. Let us enjoy it?"

6. What scriptural precedent did the Church use to justify the sale of


7. When did the Church establish rules of celibacy for the clergy?

8. Who did Girolamo Savonarola declare "is no longer a Christian?"

9. Who conspired to murder Lorenzo de Medici?

10. What were the three largest European cities in 1500?

11. Why were there no correctional facilities in the sixteenth century?

12. Who are the Fuggers?

13. How large was the average man of the time?

14. What was the life expectancy for the peasants of Europe in the 16th


15. What were the required uniforms for lepers, prostitutes, and Jews?

16. What substituted for prison terms at the time?

17. Why was Castile unique for travelers?

18. Who was the model for Machiavelli's The Prince?

19. What was the fate of Giordano Bruno?

20. Who described earthly life as "nasty, brutish, and short?"

21. Who was the star of the typographical revolution?

22. What were the trivium and quadrivium?

23. How has Machiavelli been misinterpreted by history?

24. What event gave impetus to the revival of Greek learning?

25. What was described "as profitable as milking a he-goat into a sieve?"

26. What two threats did Martin Luther believe humanism posed to the Church?




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