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Abnormal Psychology

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Supernatural view of abnormality in the society


Abnormality is defined as that which the society perceives to be out of the norm. It can be a thought, behaviour or an emotion. However different communities in the society interpret abnormality differently.

Culture and the way it determines what is considered abnormal

Different cultures had different ways on what they considered abnormal. Among the kikuyu community when a woman gave birth to twins that was considered a bad omen and therefore abnormal and the twins were supposed to be killed.

In The kalenjin community, When a woman got married she was expected to sire a child outside her matrimonial home so that if there is a 'madness gene' in that family, the one child sired from outside that family would be free from that 'madness gene'.

Quite often any mental disturbance portrayed by a person, the society considers that as a case to be handled in a mental facility e.g. Mathare mental hospital, without first finding the cause of that given disturbance. In the same way the law punishes suicide cases and condemns the culprits to jail terms instead of referring them to a psychiatrist so that an examination can be carried out and the right treatment administered.

The society has this common stereotype that too much education will cause some one to go 'nuts'. If this stereotype is taken seriously it can have adverse effects because it will discourage most people from pursuing high heights of education thus encouraging ignorance.

The Christians take on the supernatural view on abnormality

In most Christian settings abnormality is seen as a demon attack or witchcraft. Though there is a possibility of some of abnormality cases being as a result of demon possession, not all of them are as a result of demon possession. This is a wake up call for the Christians to thoroughly investigate the cases of abnormality they encounter so that they can rightly identify their cause and give the right prognosis.

Biblical integration

The bridge that can bring healing between individuals with abnormalities and the Christian family is to, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much." James 5:16.


When our society involves God in everything it does, through an intimate relationship with God, prayers and obedience (for God told Saul ''obedience is better than sacrifice'' 1 Sam 15:22 ), then freedom will reign in their hearts, mind, body and soul.



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