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Abnormal Psychology - Abnormal Behavior

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Essay Preview: Abnormal Psychology - Abnormal Behavior

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Analysis of Abnormal Psychology

University of Phoenix

August 26, 2011


Abnormal behavior has been prevalent from the beginning Researches have been studying abnormal behavior and attempt to find cures for abnormal behavior. Abnormal psychology is a branch that deals with psychopathology. Treatment of mental illness looks positive. The knowledge and understanding the brain function, the relationship between the brain and nutrition and environmental factors. New treatment will remedy to new problems.

From 1856-1939 Freud's Sigmund was the first who helped psychology he was the founder of the psychoanalytical approach was the theorist, he was a neurologist who was interested in mental illness with hysteria those individuals displayed symptoms and abnormal behaviors that could not be explained base on the brain nervous system. Freud's line of thinking led many people to believe that the human mind is divided distinct operational components with names like 'the ego', 'the identity', and 'the subconscious'. He began psychoanalysis as a method of treatment for mental illness this line of thinking continues today in many forms, such as 'phenomenology', which ignores the biological workings of the brain and focuses instead on the inner experience of conscious. Most scientists; however, understand that people have been speculating about their inner experience of consciousness after that before recorded history and that such introspective speculations almost always led to mystical or otherwise unscientific explanations.

Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with abnormal behavior, and psychopathology. Its cover a broad range from compulsion, depression to obsession, Bipolar, and many more. The field focuses with psychopathology and abnormal behavior's, it cover a broad range of disorder. Abnormal psychology has been many debates what is the causes of mental illness. Professional has a variety of reason to explain abnormal psychologist some claims/mystical/scientific or humanitarian are the causes for abnormal psychology Abnormal psychology has been from the beginning of time. From the Stone Age to the present, study, and methods for helping individuals with mental illness has progressed. The modern scientific study of abnormal psychology has evolved in search for the causes of abnormal in human behavior. The earliest explanations for abnormal



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