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Essay Preview: Abortion

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Legal or not legal...that is the question. Abortion is the killing of an unborn fetus. Abortion has been one of the most controversial issues that the Supreme Court ever had. It has been going on for ages! Mostly the issue has been if abortion should be legal or not. A lot of decisions has been made like in 1965 all fifty states banned abortion but allowed under emergency circumstances. But it all changed in 1973 when there was a case of Roe v. Wade. Roe won and the Supreme Court made abortion legal. Some people were against it because of religious and moral beliefs. I just think a female doesn't want to have a baby then she shouldn't have it. Therefore the Supreme Court did the right thing of legalizing abortion.

It is important to first note that it is a woman's decision if they are or aren't ready to raise a child and they should have the right of choosing what they want to do with their body. When a woman decides to abort a baby is mostly because: economic problems, or just too young . When taking care of a baby it starts with going to the doctor to see how the pregnancy is going. Just the prenatal care is a lot of money and the mother may not be economically ready to have the baby. The Supreme Court said something about stress "Maternity, or additional offspring, may force upon the woman a distressful life and future. Psychological harm may be imminent. Mental and physical health may be taxed by child care." Having a baby not only causes economic problems but also stress. Similarly, stress could be caused if the female is too young to have a baby. Don't you think its sad to see 15 year olds already with a baby when they should be out exploring the world? I do. A teenager shouldn't have that kind of stress. Also legalizing abortion protects the rights of a woman as an individual. For example, when Jane Roe, from Roe v. Wade case, won the Supreme Court clearly stated that abortion is legal with these conditions; if its during the first trimester having an abortion doesn't affect the life and health of the mother, and the fetus is still undeveloped, during the second trimester a woman can still have an abortion IF the health of the mother is at risk and during the third trimester abortion is prohibited. In my opinion is good to have an option out there.

On the other hand some people might say "Abortion can have some health effects on the mother." To start with the mother should already know what are the effects of an abortion. Secondly, when abortion was illegal, people had abortions in unsanitary places. Since the law has been passed there's no more unsanitary places. When having an abortion it affects the mother and the fetus. Like before when abortion was illegal, between the 1880s and 1973 many thousands of women were harmed. Women died or suffered medical problems after having unsanitary abortions. After the law was passed, the number of women's



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