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Essay Preview: Abortion

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        Life. This is the most wonderful gift God has given us. We experience love, hatred, happiness, sadness, joy, pain and peace because of life. Life lets us see the wondrous works of God. It enables us to learn to become the person God wants us to be. But our life is only borrowed. Therefore, it is not in our place to take our life or somebody else’s. But why do some others dare to take someone’s life? How could they?

        There was once in my life when my life has been taken away from me. In that moment, I felt that I was robbed of all my happiness, of all the hope I could have to see my bright future. It hurts to think that I cannot experience what others had experienced. I could not see the wondrous sunrise and sunset, the seven colors of the rainbow, or the rush of the rivers, and the sound of the birds. Even the chance of seeing the marvelous activities of humans, I could not have. What became of the life I was promised to have? Nothing.

        And there’s more. I felt excruciating pain when my life was taken. Imagine how you feel when a human-sized bolt cutter pinches off the bones of your arms or your skull. Or imagine when your whole body is on fire. Or imagine that you swallowed 5 liters of muriatic acid. Or just imagine you were falling from a cliff. That is a little comparison of the pain I felt. What then happened to the wonderful gift of God? Nothing.

        But why did you take my life? Why did you deprive me of living and experiencing the beauty of life? I daresay you don’t know how to solve the consequences of your actions. Taking my life is your way of escaping the problem you created for yourself. You might have cared for my life, but I never felt it. I only felt that I was a hindrance to the life you want to have that you destroyed by making a wrong decision or taking the wrong action. Didn’t you think of how I felt when you took my life? Didn’t you think of the fact that I may, in the future, be of some help to you and to the life you so dreamed of? Did I do this to you? Did I ask you to have me? Why did you create me and then take my life after? What happened to my life? Nothing.

        This was abortion. And I am a victim. What then happened to the life I was supposed to have? Nothing.



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