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About Me and Other People

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Our target market or consumers would be primarily married couples with a family ages 25 through 54. They may be high school graduates and have already started a family or soon becoming one. They can will be orientation or ethnicity African American, Hispanic, or Caucasian. They will have jobs or careers that will satisfy their needs of buying a car and many other necessities. Their income would be preferably have be between $30,000 and $50,000 yearly. Consumers may be interested in many outdoor activities, special sporting events, and traveling to various places. They may participate in many of these activities with their children as a family. Some of these activities may also require going to work, children sporting games, and traveling long or short distances. The couple may enjoy watching T.V shows as a family and picnics. They may travel a lot or participate in many activities with their children or families. If their children are in their teens they may be going off to college and this may affect their spending habits. The ideal market will eventually switch cars every year or so within the innovative way of vehicles. Families whom we are selling to may enjoy space or need various ways to continue to expand the growth of their family they have. May live in a suburban areas or urban areas where there are more people that may reside in the specific place. Sales will be expanded throughout the United States as well. Gauging the potential market success of Smart Fortwos in the U.S. market is difficult. Even in Europe, where parking and petrol (or gasoline) come at a premium, initial sales were slow, but eventually the Smart brand became a success. More than 750,000 Fortwos have sold in Europe, Japan] and other countries. The biggest drawback for Smart dealers is its price. Depending on the version and features included, the price for a U.S.-modified Fortwo currently ranges from $25,500 to $35,500 [ref]. Buyers seeking fuel efficiency are often also seeking bank account efficiency, and they can find a small car with decent mileage for several thousand dollars less than the cost of a Fortwo.



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