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Correction Case Usa - People Who Do Not Obey Rules

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Essay Preview: Correction Case Usa - People Who Do Not Obey Rules

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Correction can be defined as the process of correcting something. This can also be seen as something substituted or proposed for wrong which could be a mistake or fault. In the United States, correction is a tool such as a paradigm used to enforce discipline into people who do not obey the laws and values of the land. Corrections started in the United States way back in the 1600's during the colonial times when people with acts of misbehavior were put in jails which weren't as modern as the modern prison. They would have guards to guard the premises so as to keep the prisoners from behaving irrationally amongst themselves, they are called correctional officers. Before the offenders are put into jails or sentenced to death, they would have to pass through a justice panel which decides there destiny. The panel of judges is always located in a building called the court which comprises of a judge, the offender, the opposing and supporting lawyer and also the jury. This was started way back to correct people in the community from doing things that would cause harm to the community. Though there were corrections, but they had to start from somewhere and somehow use some laws that were present then to judge offenders on their offences. Their were about eight steps taken by the United States government to situate the correction department of the country to what it is today. These seven steps were modified and amended over time due to changes in the society.

This started way back in 1600 when many of the initial United States correctional method were based off of English laws and practices. They used what was called the Anglican code which was been used throughout the whole 13 colonies (New York, Pennsylvania, new Hampshire, Virginia, north Carolina, south Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, new jersey and Delaware) for about two hundred years. At first the Anglican code was not really accepted by the Pennsylvanians and the New England colony. Later it was used by every 13 colonies. In the codes were listed offences and the fined you have to pay for it. There were about thirteen capital offenses which were punishable for death. The only one which wasn't punishable for death was latency. Penalties for other minor offenses were, fines, branding, and mutilation and whipping, which were physical punishments were performed for public to see. Back then jails were used to detain offenders awaiting trial and also for people who still have debts to pay.

In about the late 1790's correction system in the United States improved due to the increase in population density and land expansion of the country. This method was called the penitentiary system which was very influential and was developed in Pennsylvania and New York. In the Pennsylvanian system advocates separate system and looks to redeem offenders through the well-ordered routine of the prison, which includes eating, sleeping, reading their bibles, and working on crafts in their cell. At the penitentiary in New York, they used a contractor labor system in which products are made by the inmates and are sold to private employers who provide the tools and raw materials to make the products. In doing this they tend to make the prisoners convinced that through hard work and selective forms of suffering they could or may change their lives for the better Also isolation of the prisoners would make room to prevent corruption inside the prison and make them think on their wrongs and repent. This was a way of implementing strict discipline, labor,



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