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Act of Valor

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1. Act of Valor evokes the sense of peace in me because of the soldiers who are willing to protect their country against terrorism and illegal movement. The soldiers fight bravely and whole-heartedly to do their job or mission even if their lives are 50-50 in the time of conquering. They make sure that the people they are serving will not be affected of the bad plans the terrorists will make. Their mission of protecting and serving the people of their country to live safely and comfortably is their number one goal always.


a. Both the soldiers and the terrorists have their own family. They have their own dreams for their family which is to protect them and give them a happy, safe and comfortable life. They just have different ways of giving them their desired life for their family which contradicts. They have to fight each other and destroy what their plans for them to succeed and to sacrifice their family to leave them for a while.

b. The concept of brotherhood in the last part of the film was shown by the soldiers. In the last part of the film, the bravest soldier put himself to danger to protect his brotherhood against the grenade which he use his self to cover it and caused him to die. Their brotherhood is so tight that made them to succeed on their mission. Because of their cooperation, trust and love for each other, they gave honor to their brother who sacrificed his life for them.

c. The governments together with the soldiers are facing of terrorism now. Terrorism now is one of the biggest problems of every country. It's good to know that in the film Act of Valor, the government has a fast action to prevent terrorism. Since the soldiers are part of the government service, the prevention of terrorism is very fast and successful.



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