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Advantages of Learning Life Skill

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Essay Preview: Advantages of Learning Life Skill

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Life Skills is one of the subjects that we have to learn in our school. It is characterized by rapid physiologil changes and psychosocial maturation. It helps us make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creativiely, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with managing our lives in a healthy and productive manner.

I have learnt six units in LFS courses and all topics are useful for me. The one which impacted me the most is "stress and Fear Management" topic. First of all, i had always stress on almost whatever i do and partly because of my thoughts that i can't communicate with others well. Though this class, i have known that stress can come from physical, environemetal and social factors and also major life events. Actually, I get stress when i moved to study at Singapore. I have so many diffcults like studying, communication with others, travelling because of my fear and shame. I thought that people who are living in Singapore do not understand my prounciation and so i know what they said but can't communicate what i mean. I felt nervous to communicate with them. Whenever i have to talk with or someone talked me, i can't reply well and then i felt embarrassed and got stress. I felt very nervous and axious looking at the Singaporeans who are always rushing because I thought that i cant do like them. From these stress and fears i felt, i even decided to go back to my country and help my parents with their works after first semester. But now I have just attended the LFS class in BCA for 2 months. As a result, I have known how to manage stress and fear by using the tips taught in class. I usually felt embarrassed on the things like talking with others, making presentation in front of classmates before. But not now, because of the quotation "Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." By Manrie-Curie. Beside, I also want to tell that i used the technique of overeating, playing games and chatting long times, and sleeping too much to cope up with these stress and fear. But now these are unhealthy ways and can affect my health in the future. I have known about that learnt LFS course. Now I think after going through the life skills classes i can control my mind and manage stress better than before. In addition, I found that the topic is very interseting and useful because i've never learnt it before.

Finally, being learnt about LFS brings many advantages for us such as problem solving skill, how to use time usefully, how to overcome the stress,fear and anger and leading skill and what can we achieve by doing as a team. So I think LFS is really need to be learnt to be in a successful and unique life style.



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