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African American

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There are three assumptions what the realists think about the way people and states are. First assumption is a psychological assumption, "Human nature contains natural, predictable or inevitable characteristics". This assumption reflects a human nature as negative way. It explains that human beings are naturally born with selfish and self-centered characteristics. It refers that the actions of people or states are motivated only by benefits or necessities of people or states. It also leads them to mistrust others in order to achieve their power against others. Second assumption is a structural assumption of realist theorist, "human beings are born to distrust and keep gathering their properties for their power and safety." Because of the feeling of uncertainty of their future and surroundings, human beings start to mistrust others and to build their own power to protect themselves. Last assumption what the realist think about the way people and states is an "ethical character". It assumes that people or states do not act for moral or ethical reasons which refer human beings as a self-centered to assist others. If they do act for ethical reasons, then moral reasons happen to correspond with the interests of human beings.

The notion of balance of power develops to become a conservative theory. A conservative theory states that power tends to preserve the stability of balance. By matching power with others, it can preserve the peace and prevent a harmful attack among countries. On the other hand, realists claim that war should be considered for the stability of balance. They think they necessitate wars to avoid wars among nations. Even though it seems to be contradictory, they assert that it is the best way to preserve their stability of balance among nations.



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