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Hispanics and African Americans Are Alike

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Essay Preview: Hispanics and African Americans Are Alike

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Hispanics and African Americans are alike

In the Chapter 13 of the Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson states "we do not offer here any course in Negro history, Negro literature, or race relations", recently said a professor of a Negro College." This quote can be applied to the Hispanic History because the Hispanic writers are not being taught in literature, Hispanic events are not being taught in history classes and the work roles that are being taught are certain job occupations.

Writers like Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, Gabriel García Márquez, , Lorca, García Federico, 
 El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, are writers that are not being recognized in literature. These writers are writers that wrote books and pomes that made a change peoples lives and made people open their eyes just like Dr. Woodson did with his book. Why is it that when it comes to Hispanic or African American there history is not that important? Well African American history is talked about all the time and in most classes, but when it comes to authors like Luis J. Rodriguez the reason he literature is important is because he is a ex- gang member. So its like the only reason that his book is important is because it an example of what not to be.

What is the history of Hispanics? What have we done to prove ourselves? The only history that is talked about in history is the story of Cesar Chavez, which was a great civil rights champion of Latinos and all people. Also Antonio Villaraigosa that is the third Mexican American to have ever held the office in the city of Los Angeles has made a change in history. Over 13,000 Hispanics fought in the Civil War. But none of this is taught in history, how many people can say that the new Hispanics fought in the civil war? Not many. But how many people can say they have heard about Rosa parks? Everyone its not who more popular or who has had it the hardest in the past, but more about why does it seem like one race history is more important then the other? What about the first two Hispanic Mayor who were they? People may see that the history that Hispanic have is the history of violence and gangs.

Dr. Woodson talks about how Black students need to go into professional

areas to serve members of the race like black doctors and lawyer because of the fact that white people were not doing anything for the other races. Its like the situation that's going on right now with people and the medical; if you don't have insurance then you cant been seen by a doctor. Most people see Hispanic as gardeners, painters, the people that sale tacos, and fruit sellers, or if they have no jobs then they stand out side the home depot and wait for people to pick them up to work. Hispanics and African Americans and the are the people seem not to be able to do



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