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After Effect of 7 Year War - American Colonies and Greait Britin

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Essay Preview: After Effect of 7 Year War - American Colonies and Greait Britin

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Describe the events and issue occurring following the 7 year war that altered the relationship between the American colonies and greait britin and eventualy caused American revolution. Be sure to discuss economical, political, social, and ideological issue and how they affect the varied colony and led the once loyal colony to decide to rebel.

In the 18th century the relationship between American colonies and Greait britin starts altering after the seven years war. Britin change the rules by imposing different acts like the stamp act declairation act, townshed duties and intolerable act and americans responded by stamp act congress, sons of liberty, committee of correspondence, and boston tea party. Important events like Pontacs rebellion and boston massacre led to the American revolution.

The seven years war, was a war between the british and French that started in America over Ohio River Vally in 1754 and later on became the first wolrd war in 1756 and ended in 1763. Three major concequences of this war played a key roll in the road of revolution. The first is the massive war dept to the british government, removal of the outside thret (French) from colonys, and british and americans dident like each other. The French lost in this war and had to sign the treaty of paris which gave all French territorys to England.

after the French were removed from their territories in 1761, the British had stopped the bribe to the Indians. This leads a lot of turmoil among indiansonce the French run out colonists went to the ohio river vally for settlement that resulted into a conflict all this combined to raise of a chiften named Pontiac and he started to rebell.

Pontiac had always believed the French and had always hated the british after1763, when he reconglized that the british weren't giving what they had agreed on, he informed the major indian tribes in the ohio countrys and brought them togather to defeat the English.in 1763 this resulted in a widespread attack on british garrison in ohio county. This attack was, a major uprising of Indians which was known as the Pontiacs rebellion. British were in debt so instead of fighting they made a compromise with Pontiac on two major points. They offerd him and his tribes a yearly payment of trade goods and promiced to draw a line down to the appalacian mountain( Canada to Georgia) Known as the proclamation line of 1763. He accepted this and when he returned his people killed him thinking he had betrayed them. That was the end of pontacs rebellion.

The proclamation line of 1763 is an imaginary line that ran from Canada to Georgia, defining the area in the west for Indians and the area in the east for the colonists. Because of this line viginia and pensilvanias elite lost a lot of land and investment. This fact irritated the colonists.

In 1763 parlament had debated on how to recover the war debts and had decided to raise taxes in Britain as well as the colonies where it was known as the stamp act, passed in 1764. The stamp act was bacically a small amount of taxes on all paper products, shipping industries, and everything that the colonists needed that came from Britain. The main idea was that Britain had produced a special kind of paper, addaed a stamp on it and forced the colonists to use that paper to print all important products. At that time Bengamin franklin tried to warn parlament this wasent gonna work because this is considered as salutary neglect. Britin had never imposed a direct tax toward the colonies they had always been taking indirect taxes. The response of the stamp act was the meeting of nine colonies in Philadelphia and accomplishes the stamp act congress. It is the first time the majority of the colonists come togather and deside how to respond and begain to protest by burning things, riots ( expecially



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