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Analyze the Origins and Development of Slavery in Britains North American Colonies in the Period 1607-1776

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Essay Preview: Analyze the Origins and Development of Slavery in Britains North American Colonies in the Period 1607-1776

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                             Cosmetic surgery

In recent 10 years, as our society develop so fast, the technology which is called cosmetic surgery become hotter and hotter. Many people follow to do the surgery slavishly because all of us want to be more beautiful as the saying goes, the love of beauty is common to all man. But I think it is not worthy having to take more risks if we do the surgery

First of all, this kind of surgery can make a person more beautiful. Let me ask you a question. Do you want to take the risk that you may die when you take a surgery? The news is recently reported that a very beautiful girl has been dead by complication in the cosmetic surgery. It is a sad story, but we should be scared and consider about it. Maybe we are not just so satisfied with our origin appearance, but when there are complications in the surgery, we won’t have the opportunity to say that I regret , I want my origin appearance or even life back! It is not worth to bat everything on the thing which we not really very satisfied.

What’s more, when surgeons go abroad to Korea to learn the technology and they come back, due to the hot of cosmetic surgery, many people, including Chinese and foreigners will come to mainland to do the surgery and that will prompt the growth of the economics of China. And it will supply more opportunity to find jobs. But if the popular thing is not popular anymore then what will happen? Many surgeons will choose to change a job and that will change the opportunity into burden. It will drag on the development of economic of China but not prompt it. It is a big risk for the economy of China. As a matter of fact, we now develop very fast so that it is not worthwhile for us to afford that risk.

As I mentioned the reasons, the risks is more against the reward so on occasion it is we had better not have cosmetic surgery, for yourself and for the country.




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