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Age of Romanticism

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Essay Preview: Age of Romanticism

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Leo Herrmann

27, September 2011

American Literature

Mrs. Beaulieu

Event: Age of Romanticism

Time: 1800-1860

EventEra Summary

The Age of Romanticism occurred from 1800-1860. It is an artistic, literary and intellectual movement, a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature, and a revolt against aristocratic social and political norms of the Age of Enlightenment. Surprisingly it was mostly in the categories of: visual arts, music, and literature.

Key Players

* Thomas Cole: creative, artistic, talented.

* Edgar Allan Poe: brilliant, melancholy, imaginative.

* Beethoven: musical, talented, deaf, wise.

Discussion Questions

I. How do you think the meaning of "Romance" went from being adventurous and creative to having to do with love? If it because of the difference in the culture of the1800's and are modern culture? or a major event in between?

II. How might people's attitudesthe theme of countries have changed from during the romantic period and the time after? Why might they think differently?

III. Why Might this age have suddenly began? Do you think there might have been certain inventions or movements to help this age develop?

Turning Point

In the year 1861 the Civil War began. This was the war fought by Americans, who split into there respective sides, the North and the South. These two sides were engaged in battle over the issue of slavery. The North side stated slavery was wrong and immoral, while the South supported owning black slaves, just as they had for years. The bloody war lasted till April 9, 1865, on this day the North were declared victorious.

Turning Point Explanation

It was no coincidence that the war started as the age of romanticism ended. The war turned everyone's thinking from happy and creative individuals to a frightened, scared, and angry country. The Civil War ended most ideas of Romance and adventure, and brought with it pain and deadly battles over the terrible racist idea of owning blacks as property. Although in the end this war was settled, the North won and the issue of slavery was resolved.

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