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All-Purpose Plastic Coated Process Analysis

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Essay Preview: All-Purpose Plastic Coated Process Analysis

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Process Analysis and Discussion

Materials Dimensions Pieces

BI Wire (basin) Gage 12 26

BI Wire (frame) Gage 4 2

Roller Holder 15.75 inch 2

Rollers 0.75 inch 2

Rivet 1.75inch 6

Screws (big) 6mm x 1inch 4

Screws (small) 6mm x 5/8 inch 12

All-purpose plastic coated 40 is one of many products. Here is a good view of the production of wire baskets. The ratio of the operator with respect to a wire basket is 1:1. 8 wire baskets are produced per day.

First, the worker gathers 26 pieces of BI wire type gage 12 for the formation of basin for wire basket and 2 pieces of BI wire type gage 4 for the top and middle frame as he set-up the steel matting assembly from the pattern of the jig which will form intersections that will be the mark for the next process which is spot welding. It is very ideal for thin materials. Then, keen inspection is done for consistency. After a net-like formation is done, bending of overlapping wires is necessary. Then, form the top and middle frames with bending and butt welding for frame joints. After every weld is performed, grinding unwanted sections is made. It is to smoothen the welded part. After grinding, the worker fixes the frames, straightening it with the use of hammer. Note that in the preparation of assembly, the middle frame is 1.5 inches and the top frame is 3.25 inches from the base. Through spot welding, the two frames and wire basket are formed. An excess of wires extends beyond the top frame that shall undergo the process of sawing. Sharp edges shall be expected and is needed to be removed for safety of the handlers and customers. Inspection afterwards will assure the quality.

After 8 baskets completed, it will be brought to the plastic coating area. In the plastic coating area, the worker sets up the pre-heating oven for 400 degrees Celsius which is the ideal heating run. After 10 minutes, when the oven reaches its desired temperature, the basket will undergo the pre-heating procedure for 3 minutes. Its aim is for the coating material to bond effectively with respect to the basket wire. Then, it is sunk to the container with polyethylene powder. The best advantage and probably the reason behind why polyethylene coating is used is that the resulting coatings have a smooth and attractive finish with good edge protection and excellent covering power. After drying for a few seconds, the actual heating is done again for another 3 mins or maybe less. Note that overheating may cause the coating to discolor later in storage or in service. Cool it down for 30 seconds. This is to make sure that the coating has stuck tight enough for the fingerprints of workers or other unwanted elements caught in. Brief inspection is needed for quality control. Next process is to provide holes through drilling operation for the roller holder. Apply spot welding to attach the holder to the legs of the basket.Use the riveter to drive the



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