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Ammonia Syngas Generation Plant

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Essay Preview: Ammonia Syngas Generation Plant

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An Industrial Vocational Training Report on

Ammonia Syngas Generation Plant

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.- Bharuch

[pic 1]


[26nd December, 2016- 13th January, 2017]

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of


Submitted by

Nishant Mehta- 14BPE065[pic 2]

School of Petroleum Technology

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University- Raisan, Gandhinagar



In 5th semester of B.Tech petroleum engineering, learning about fertilizer industries was a wonderful journey. So much so that I decided to go to fertilizer industry for internship. And who better than GNFC can provide an opportunity to do so. So with gratitude here I present this report of vocational training at Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited. These three weeks of internship at GNFC has been a wonderful experience. This was my first vocational training and it couldn’t have been better.

During this internship I’ve seen for myself that how important part practical experience can play in developing skills and knowledge. I have seen the fundamentals and theory that we study in the classroom take beautiful shape as technology. How a process flowsheet on a piece of paper takes shape. I got to witness how so many ideas, science, technology and capital come together to create this gigantic facility. How each small or big piece of metal or instrument play its crucial role to run this industry. To run it constantly 24 hours a day and seven days a week, without harm and accident, how complexity it creates. I would be lying if I deny that this was overwhelming experience.    


Nishant Mehta


3rd year/ 5th semester


The internship opportunity I had with Gujarat Narmada valley Fertilizers and chemicals Ltd was a great chance for learning and professional development. Therefore, I consider myself as a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it. I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me though this internship period.

First of all I would like thank Mr. I.P.BHATT (Chief Manager), Mr. V.C.SHAH (Sr.Manager), Mr. .S.T.SHARMA (Sr.Manager) for accommodating me at GNFC for this Internship.

Bearing in mind previous I am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to Training Mentor Mr. H.K. PAREKH (Training Officer) who took time out to hear, guide and keep me on the correct path and allowing me to carry out my Vocational Training at their esteemed organization and extending during the training.

I sincerely thank Mr. T S Senta (Chief Manager, ASGP) for accommodating me at ASGP plant. I express my deepest thanks to Mr. V D Parikh (Sr. Operator), Mr. M B Joshi (Sr. Operator), Mr. Dhruvang Shah (Shift Engineer) for taking part in useful decision & giving necessary advices and guidance. Their teaching was indeed informative and raveling for me. Their guidance in both theoretical as well as practical studies were very helpful. I choose this moment to acknowledge their contribution gratefully.

It is my radiant sentiment to place on record my best regards, deepest sense of gratitude towards Kunjalbhai Valand, DET for their careful and precious guidance which were extremely valuable for my study both theoretically and practically.

I perceive as this opportunity as a big milestone in my career development. I will strive to use gained skills and knowledge in the best possible way, and I will continue to work on their improvement, in order to attain desired career objectives. Hope to continue cooperation with all of you in the future,


Nishant D Mehta

Date: 13-01-2017


Safety policy                                                                        5

EHS policy                                                                        6

  1. Introduction                                                                7
  2. Materials required in ASGP plant                                        14
  3. Process Description                                                        23
  4. Equipment Specification                                                34
  5. Material Balance                                                        37
  6. Utilities                                                                44
  7. Plant location & Layout                                                50
  8. Plant Safety                                                                55

Safety Policy

  • It is mandatory to wear Safety Helmet at all the time.
  • Be properly dressed and wear safety shoes.
  • Do not enter Plant operator’s cabin/ Control room without prior permission.
  • It is prohibited to take newspaper or any other magazine in the plant.
  • You are allowed to go to Canteen only during Lunch break ie. 12-1 PM.
  • It is mandatory to give notice to your I/C before taking leave break.
  •  Do not switch on/off anything without authorization.
  • It is prohibited to enter any other than your appointed plant. And if in necessary take permission of I/C or Plant Manager.
  • In Urea pilling tower no trainee is allowed go up top without Plant manager’s permission
  • Do not go to remote areas like ETP, Raw water, Hazardous bagging etc.
  • In case of emergency please contact phone number 2300 or 3300.
  • Do not panic in case of emergency do not Panic and carefully follow the Shift in charge’s instructions.
  • In GNFC Ltd so many risky and hazardous chemicals are used like Nitric Acid, Formic Acid, Acetic Acid, Formic Acid, Ammonia, Methanol and Naphtha etc. so know the chemical as well as physical properties of these chemicals.
  • Do not copy anything from plant manual.
  • Do not stay inside the plant premises after 5:00 PM.

ESH Policy[pic 3]

  1. Introduction
  1.  About GNFC Ltd.

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited. (GNFC), is a joint sector enterprise promoted by the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. (GSFC). It was set up in Bharuch, Gujarat in 1976. Located at Bharuch in an extremely prosperous industrial belt, GNFC draws on the resources of the natural wealth of the land as well as the industrially rich reserves of the area.



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