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Generation X Essay

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generation x research and studieI have learned that the true meaning of Leadership takes Character. Most people I have met think of leadership as a title. I have experienced leaders who were not really good leaders. Leaders in most cases are indentified as Managers, Mothers, Fathers, even someone just because they are older or have more experience in a particular subject. My experience in life has proven it to be the total opposite of what the majority believes.

As a mother, I have found that my own children can sometimes take charge as the leaders of the household. Knowing that I have raise them as wise, mature, and responsible young adults, I have to leave them in charge of the household when my spouse and I are away from home. Yes, the majority of the time I leave my oldest son in charge, just because he is the oldest. But a lot of times, I leave my oldest daughter in charge of him, because sometimes I feel that he will not be as attentive as I need him to be and she is younger than him.

I have had a Manager, who I believe is very wise to identify someone else as the Leader in the group just because they understand their own knowledge and abilities are limited. It always benefits the entire group to have a leader to know when to delegate leadership. This is great character of




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