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An International Business Plan

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Essay Preview: An International Business Plan

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A detailed international business plan is an essential element in the implementation of an effective export strategy. The plan must consider company resources, identify specific markets, and establish specific plans for dealing with marketing, legal, manufacturing, personnel, and financial elements. Finally, it must include a schedule for implementing the plan.

I. Executive summary

A. Key elements of the plan

B. Description of business and target markets

C. Brief description of management team

D. Summary of financial projections

II. Business history

A. History of company

B. Products-services offered and their unique advantages

C. Domestic-market experience

D. Foreign-market experience

E. Production facilities

F. Personnel-international experience and expertise

G. Industry structure, competition

III. Market Research

A. Target countries

1. Primary

2. Secondary

3. Tertiary

B. Market conditions in target countries

1. Existing demand

2. Competition

3. Strengths and weaknesses of the economy-barriers to entry, etc.

IV. Marketing decisions

A. Distribution strategies

1. Indirect exporting

2. Direct exporting

3. Documentation

4. Direct investment, strategic alliances

B. Pricing strategy

C. Promotion strategy

D. Product strategy

V. Legal decisions

A. Agent/distributor agreements

B. Patent, trademark, copyright protection

C. Export/import regulations



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