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Analysis of Short Essay "culture of Overwork"

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Short Essay "culture of Overwork"

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Date: April 30, 2011

Course: Phil 159

o Topic: Overworked

o Main Idea: Half of Canadian working women are workaholic

o Purpose: Explain and persuade

* Relevant Support

1. The other day I sat down at the computer in my home office that I just couldn't do any work. I was exhausted (This is relevant because it explains that the writer is workaholic)

2. Tara Cleveland 25 now got a job as a web page designer in brand new dot-com business, so new that they were working out of the owner's living room for a while. "I worked 40 hours a week but they wanted more. They expect us to stay late every night and on weekends, too. (This is relevant because it is the fact that had similar experience that is appealing)

3. We can challenge the culture of overtime by refusing overtime whenever possible and refusing to take work home.(In my opinion it is relevant because the author suggested what you can in order not be overworked.)


"Statistics Canada report from November 1999 says that one third of those age 25-44 describe themselves as workaholics".

The information in the Quote is used to influence the readers understanding and evaluation.

As a reader, I was not able to judge the accuracy and reasonableness of the quotation as it is not properly documented.

The author did not include dates of publication, she only include year. This will not help the reader, to determine whether you should examine the book/publication further.


Statement of fact and opinion

The author used both facts and opinion to fill in the gap in the essay

Examples of fact "Chris Schenk, research director of Ontario federation of labour, says downsizing in the recession of the early 1990's meant fewer people had to do more work".

Opinion: Overwork is becoming a cultural norm and it's bad for us". (Plausibity)

Evaluating Standard

The first example = fact is manipulative and hypnotically


The author is guilty of fallacy and prejudicial language and also the author



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