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Mgt 5061 Systems and Logistic Support Short Essay

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Essay Preview: Mgt 5061 Systems and Logistic Support Short Essay

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MGT 5061 Systems and Logistic Support Short Essay

1. What is meant by "Concurrent Engineering?" Why is it essential for ensuring the "Design for Supportability" Process?

Concurrent Engineering is defined as process of performing various tasks and activities "Concurrently." It is essential for ensuring Design for Supportability process because it aids in the product development process by integrating design engineering function, manufacturing engineering function and various other functions. The integration helps to reduce the elapsed time during the supportability design phase which enhances to launch the new product quickly in the market. It detects early in the design process when the project is still in a more abstract and possibly digital realm and redesigns the product hence locating and fixing the issues early enough.

2. What is meant by "Functional Analysis?" When should it be performed? Why is it a critical sub process of System Engineering?

Functional Analysis is the analysis of vector spaces where limit processes are defined and the linear operators acting upon these spaces are seen to be compatible with the spaces. In an organization, functional analysis should be done when the organization needs to identify the labor competencies implicit in the production function. When the productive function is under study and the organization needs to determine the functions to be performed so that the previous function is accomplished and completed, functional analysis can be used which is why it is a critical and essential sub process of System Engineering.

3. What is the purpose of a Life Cycle Cost Analysis? When should it be accomplished? Why is it a critical consideration in the mechanics of the "Supportability Design Interface?"

The objective of Life Cycle Cost Analysis is to determine and evaluate the environmental impacts on a given product or service. It enables an organization to find out the effects of the cascade of technologies responsible for goods and services. It assesses the raw material production, manufacturing and distribution. For "supportability design phase" it goes through four phases ie goal and scope, life cycle inventory, life cycle impact assessment and interpretation. For "supportability design phase", it optimizes the environmental performance of the product to optimize the environmental performance of a company. It should be established when the system boundaries are required to be established which determines the unit processes.

4. Why is the Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) an important system engineering tool?

Failure modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is an



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