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Ancient Greece

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I have never thought that Greece had such a rich and interesting history addition to many inventions that have influenced our culture and history, until I decided to do research. I know that both Rome and Greece are both great subjects to write about, but I have decided to explain to you just how amazing Greece is in four different categories ; architecture, geography, games, and war history, in four paragraphs.


The Greeks made big temples that were the biggest and the most beautiful because of their dominated life of religion, power, success, and pride. Some of the Greeks architectural systems were called Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.

Doric, is a style that is plain and sturdy without any designs on its cylindrical top: this style commonly seen in mainland Greece and southern Italy and Sicily.

Ionic, is a style that is thin and skinnier than the Doric style. This style has scroll like designs on its cylindrical top: this style is commonly seen in eastern Greece and the islands in that area.

Moreover, Corinthian is a style that is not used often in the Greek world, but is sometimes seen on Roman temples. The cylindrical top of this style is decorated with many acanthus leaves.


First, there is Athens; Athens is a town in Greece that represents the symbol of freedom, art, and democracy in the civilized world. Athens is not only the capital of Greece; it was also named after a goddess called Athena, commonly known as the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Everyday in Athens memory never fades and history is always alive in Athens. It is in this very place where architecture was invented and art never separated from life. With ancient ruins in Greece, it provides glory and testimony to Athens; the ancient ruins are worshipped by many people and are known as the cradle of the western civilization. Then there is Sparta: a town in Greece known for their strict military organization. In the center of the Peloponnesian in the southern part of Greece, there is the capital of Laconia. Sparta amazingly used to be merely a group of five villages with simply built houses and a few public used buildings. In addition, the trails, which led to the valleys near Sparta, were easily defended even though Sparta had no walls until the end of the fourth century B.C. Later on, the Goths destroyed the city itself with their king; Alaric I, in 396 A.D. Modern Sparta was founded by the government in 1834 and occupies part of ancient Sparta. Excavations of ancient Sparta have uncovered many different types of buildings, but the findings are not enough to discover how ancient Sparta really looked like before the Goths destroyed it. Another town in Greece was Olympia. Olympia is a sanctuary and area of the Olympic Games. In addition, Greece is covered by many mountains that protect Greece from attacking enemies. The



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