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Andy Warhol

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Essay Preview: Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol is admired for his modern art but not for his well known pieces like the Campbell's soup cans or those of Marilyn Monroe. That Andy is not remembered as much as the one who creatively painted or who had undeveloped movies. His legacy lives on after death and still shows people the potential that art has. People think that Warhol influenced the business and how society can be held together through art. Because of Andy artist don't just paint and sculpt but are involved with brand names, ads, and TV. He was questioned about his work but the market grew to love Andy and his work. People soon began to prefer Andy's newer painting rather than his old and nobody can really grasp why that is.

Many "real" artists didn't agree with Andy Warhol's involvement with art and the fashion world but later began to see the brilliance in him. His odder pieces of work did not strike people as his best but they sold and that is what matters most in America. When people pay high prices for his work and wonder why, they don't understand the name Warhol products have developed. But by buying his painting they are the product of their misconception. People today have learned the connection art and business have because of Andy Warhol. He is a great artist who is looked up to for his weirdness in painting and commercial qualities and im only writing thes extra word because i need an essay from here for my apush test.



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