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Interesting Information About Andy Warhol

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Essay Preview: Interesting Information About Andy Warhol

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Interesting Information (McGill)

* Andy Warhol's birth name was Andrew Warhola. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928

* Andy almost died by Valerie Solanis with three bullets on his chest. She was unhappy with his abusive and controlling. Funny part is she was a founder of club called SCUM society for cutting up men and she was the only member.

* He died in February 22nd, 1987 by a heart attack because hospital overloaded him with fluids after his routine gallbladder surgery

* After Warhol's death a music album was made titled, "Songs for Drella".

* Warhol had an interesting sense of style; he wore silver wigs and eventually dyed his hair silver. After having been told he had lazy eyes, he wore opaque glasses that had a tiny pinhole for him to see through.

* the art club excluded Warhol because he was better than the other members.

Achievements (Vaughan)

* his most famous works were created using silkscreen and lithography.

* Commercial artist

* Many designs for commercial artists and advertisements such as Campbell soup and shoes.

* Andy was the producer of the first record album by The Velvet Underground

* In 1957 Warhol won the prestigious Art Director's Club Medal for a shoe advertisement.

* His 1973 portrait of Mao is one of the best known examples of his use of this process.

* His very first movie was called 'Sleep' and it was 6 hour long never ending masterpiece of his friend sleeping

Quote by or about

* Andy would claim, "If you want to know all about me, just look at the surface of my paintings and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it."

* "They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself"

* I thought that young people had more problems than old people, and I hoped I could last until I was older so I wouldn't have all those problems. Then I looked around and saw that everybody who looked young had young problems and that everybody who looked old had old problems. The "old" problems to me looked easier to take than the "young" problems. So I decided to go gray so nobody would know now old I was and I would look younger to them than how old they thought I was. I would gain a lot by going gray: (1) I would have old problems, which were easier to take than young problems, (2) everyone would be impressed by how young I looked, and (3) I would be relieved of the responsibility of acting young--I could occasionally lapse into eccentricity or senility and no one would think anything of it because of my gray hair. When you've got gray hair, every move you make seems "young" and "spry,"



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