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Animal Eating: Moral or Immoral?

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Essay Preview: Animal Eating: Moral or Immoral?

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Animal Eating: Moral or Immoral?

Many issues and arguments arise regarding the topic of animal eating, whether it is moral or immoral. In the world today, there are many organizations and groups of people who are against it and there are also the ones that think there is nothing wrong with eating meat. Many are raised by their parents eating meat as they grow up but many also becomes vegetarians as they get older and learn more in depth about animals. So who is right and who is wrong?

People have figured out many problems dealing with animal eating in the United States. A CNN reporter wrote that in last November, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization issued a report stating that the livestock business generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined. "They argue that environmentalists are still pointing their fingers at Hummers and SUVs when they should be pointing at the dinner plate," said Matt Prescott, manager of vegan campaigns for Peta. One also argues that eating animals, another form of life is wrong, especially when they are treated poorly when raised. Statistics has observed that seventy percent of chickens are in chronic pain their whole lives because we breed them to be bigger, and their bones can't take the extra weight well. It is also disturbing to others that too high of a voltage from a stun gun ruins the meat, so pigs are often still conscious when their throats are slit. Vegetarians believe that meats in general are high in cholesterol and saturated fat. They believe people who don't eat meat have lower risks of heart disease, diabetes type 2, and other forms of cancer. Non-meat eaters think that because we are more intelligent, we can also have morals, and therefore, have a responsibility to the earth and its inhabitants. The less intelligent animals do not have a choice or responsibility but humans can survive without meat. In conclusion, not all vegetarians are so due to ethical reasons. Many however are highly against the meat industry's standards and cruelty to animals, so in that sense, many find that they are taking part in the murder and torture of animals and decide to go vegetarian.

Non-vegetarians have come up with five basic arguments to why animal eating is normal. First is the moral argument and that the bible says "we shall have dominion over the animals" and they take that to mean that we can eat meat and use animals however we want. Second is the traditional argument which argues that many are brought up eating meat and was never questioned it and that our culture accepts eating meat as well. Third is the nutrition argument that argues that we need protein that is provided in meat to be strong and healthy. Fourth is the Darwanian and Machiavellian argument which states "the process of evolution has placed humans, the stronger, in position to be able to use the weaker for



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