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Book Review - Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Essay Preview: Book Review - Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Brian Jacobs

Ms. Colangelo

English 9

7 November 2010

Animal Farm

Usually when one person takes control of everyone else, the people get angry. In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, the pigs take control over the other animals. Throughout the novel the pigs begin to change the rules of animalism by putting themselves above the other animals.

One of the things the pigs do to control the animals was steal what they produced. When the hens had their eggs the pigs took them to eat and trade with other farms. The hens got very angered by this and brought the eggs to the top of the barn so that the pigs couldn't get to them. Next, the cows got their milk taken by the pigs. The pigs claimed that they needed the food and drink because they were the smartest animals on the farm. Although the pigs wrote the 7 commandments, they disobeyed them in many ways.

The pigs are mean and boss around the other animals on the farm. When the animals want to make a windmill, the pigs tell them that they have to do it because they don't want to do it. The pigs didn't give any of the animals food to sustain energy. The pigs were being greedy and rude to the other animals. The pigs treat the animals with disrespect all the time. The pigs are always demanding more from the animals on the farm. The pigs put themselves on top by giving themselves more power than the other animals.



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