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Animal Farm - Book Review

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Essay Preview: Animal Farm - Book Review

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People's ignorance and willingness to believe or do what they are told, leads to their own oppression and mistreatment. The novel 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell reveals the corruption of power and how it can be used very persuasively to enslave others' beliefs and actions. This novel would be beneficial for a year twelve student at Armadale Christian College to read; for it discusses the abuse of power and language that can persuasively lead people to believe what they are told and to be enslaved by a higher power one has over another. These ideologies are important for students to identify and relate to with many issues faced in society.

'Animal Farm' is a very engaging book the reader can easily connect with; as it is a reconstruction of reality. 'Animal Farm' reveals the corruption of socialist ideals in the Soviet Union; which is led by the main ruler Joseph Stalin. In the novel a pig named Napoleon is represented as Stalin; therefore this reconstruction of reality has a more powerful message and a great sense of realism that the reader can connect to. The main conflict in the novel is how the pigs should treat one another equally (relating to the communist party) though some animals in the novel are more equal than others; which contradicts how communism is meant to be a peaceful party that brings equality for all. The pigs were the dominant figures in the novel and their manipulative strategies were used to corrupt their language; in order to gain power. whenever the pigs would gain more power, what ever used to be against their law was changed to suit them, instead of 'All animals are equal', their law changed to 'All animals are equal, But some more than others'. This book is very beneficial for a year 12 student and can be related to many issues faced in society. Students can learn that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that people will always try to gain power; which never leads to equality.

Orwell criticizes the corruption present in his time and how the power of manipulative language can turn the people of society to either being apathetic or living in fear. The author critiques the violence of the Stalinist regime, and also the Soviet communism's violence that was used. Orwell expresses his critiques by characterizing animals in the same way he saw the rulers of his time. Napoleon the pig in the novel represents Stalin, both Stalin and Napoleon have similar characteristics as they both demanded absolute power and abuse their power in order to gain full control of society. Orwell's critique about the corruption of power matches a Biblical perspective as it says in 1Peter 2:17 "There is oppression and abuse all over the world. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". A year 12 student can benefit from reading this novel; as it reveals



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