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Animation Film

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Animation film

in the

pedological context

Report 2011

Main section

We'll look at educational animated films from 40 - century onwards and we will then show how it has changed since then. And it is precisely this that is our problem: "How has animation films has developed its educational purposes through the ages '."

Target group that we have made ​​for us are the people that we learn about this topic, and thus provide a use visitors' contributions to animation bank. The goal is then thus adding up the fabric so that we get some kind of timeline, so that one can clearly follow educational animation in its development form and presentation. We also look at how different countries deal with the educational animation .

Pedagogy - What is it?

Pedagogy is a subject that has both a theoretical side and a practical side. It discusses issues related to learning and development, but also education and upbringing. Today pedagogy descriptive, normative and causal explanatory.

Has been a great discussion about animation and learning for many years now. The day goes animation hand in hand with education and læringsprosesssen. In the 1990s, many of the teachers refuted that animation was a useful tool in the learning process, learning was bad, but later realized them that animation alone was not the magic trick.

In the report we read that the author has read through a number of research reports and drawn forward a few aspects that are used for the animation as a justification for learning and self development of animation.


used, visualization through animation stimulate the right brain and thereby increase understanding and enhance learning of content through dual coding. Then the multiple intelligences used to process an algorithm or a dynamic process.

Well integrated in instructional or teaching material and adapted to the specific requirements of a task, simple graphics and especially animated graphicsupport learning situation considerably.

Interactivity is essential for the learning effect. With interactivity means interaction / interaction between the user and the animation, where the user's actions affect animation performance and vice versa. Possibility of for interactivity,instance.that the user can start or stop, fast forward and rewind, you decide serving speed, can choose the parts of the display and the display order, select the parameter by pushing on a slider or entering numbers, or could experiment more freely.

Animation is one of many didactic components. learning effect of an animation increases in combination with other means. A dynamic picture can be a good support for a text. An animation on demand offering explanations, tips or help in the form of text or speech can provide better learning effect than a similar animation that only graphically.

"(Quotefrom: http://home.uia.no/cornelib/animasjon/matematikk/animasjonsdidaktikk/hovedsider/forskning.htm)

Studio Ghibli

Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli behind their Japanese animation films. Hayo their message in the film is structured in a pedagogical way, but also enlightening and missions. He combines a clear vision for the community with epic storytelling. One does well noticed in Hayao's films that he is very nostalgic, a longing glance of the lost past, but he also shows a great hope for the future, what can be created.

The nostalgic refer to most often to nature and the divine, Japanese "folklore". A world that was dominated by men.

Tonari No Totoro is a great example of his livestock. The action takes place in the 1950s and is based on Hayao her own life when her mother got turberkolose. In short, the story of a professor who move the country in an old house with his young daughters and her mother is in hospital. Daughters find that the house is "inhabited" by soot trolls and other creatures. It refers to the nostalgic and peaceful landscape. It also connects to the "folklore". The old house and nature is protected by the gods. Behind the house is a large tree, which is also the entrance to Totoro. The youngest daughter meet him first, but when she'll show him to his father and sister, he is not to be seen. This might Hayao will show the public what can be lost when the cities grow and the landscape is lost. It's a wonderful story with a nostalgic longing for childhood and imagination. As mentioned, it's just the kids who can see Totoro. This faith in the children's fantasy helps to emphasize the nostalgic.

In Spirited Away Chihiro must find the power in themselves. She grows throughout the film, is a stronger girl. She learns to trust themselves and take care of his real 'I'. She also sees this character "No Face" for who he is, without getting anything from him. She learns a lot on their journey, and hopefully as she brings this lore back to the real world.

Hayao their message says that hope is in man himself, man's ability to find solutions.

Disneys Educational Short films

The Winged Scourge

In 1942, Disney Studios taken over by the military due to the outbreak of WWII. Disney produced several animated short films for the army, which focused on increasing morale and also teach viewers anything. One of these, "The Winged Scourge," explores malaria and how it is spread by blood-sucking mosquitoes.

This was the first of ten short films, five of health and five in agriculture - as CIAA (Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, ) ordered. CIAA was a firm that promoted international American cooperation in the 40's, especially in the economic and commercial fields.

"The Winged Scourge's" first half informs the viewer about how a small mosquito can carry the malaria virus from a sick person to a completely fresh one and the shortly make a bedridden and unable to engage in agriculture and keep the farm in operation, which means that the cattle die, the fields wither and fade and farm perish. The second part of the film is that the seven dwarfs from "Snow White" demonstrates how one can avoid this terrible fate.



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