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Are Vampires Real?

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Essay Preview: Are Vampires Real?

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Are vampires real? Do they live among us like normal people? Where did they come from? Are they born as a vampire or turned into vampires? Everything I know about vampires from my childhood cartoons is that they live in dark castles on top of mountains, they are lonely and the whole village beneath them live in fear. A couple of years ago I watched a television series based on the book Vampire Diaries written by L. J. Smith. She has a completely different outlook about vampires as I did when I was younger. The story consists of a young woman, Elena Gilbert, a high school girl who was trapped between two vampire brothers who loved her. However, their love story is not what makes this book so interesting. The lifestyles of these supernatural creatures among the human beings and the origin of the vampires is what interested me greatly from the beginning. Personally, the way their existence has come to pass must be based on some kind of facts. Their vast collection of fears, desires, powers and, weaknesses has to be connected to a true witness of the real thing. The belief of vampires was established during ancient times but as society develops so does the fear of the vampires, as new stories are told that haunt the minds of people everywhere.

According to the Vampire Diaries, it all began a long time ago in the woods of a small village terrorized by werewolves. In order to protect her family the mother of the main family in the village decided to find a way to get rid of the werewolves. Her first idea was to consult the souls of witches that directed her into the process of becoming a vampire, the only solution to exterminate the werewolves. The witches gave the mother a recipe to transform into a vampire and the procedure, involving the mother to kill her whole family. Once they have been born again they acquired the thirst for blood, to satisfy this thirst they feasted on the whole village. The family moved on to different places spreading their disease to innocent lives occupying cities, towns and, villages in the world. They spread their disease by forcing a regular person to drink their blood then killing that person, once he or she has been reborn he must drink the blood of another person within 7 hours to complete the transformation or die.

Based on the series, the vampires have many different powers that benefit them through the story. They have super abilities that distinguish them from regular people such as strength. A death that they are very fond of is tearing out the heart of a person succumbing them to an instant death. Super speed is another characteristic that help them chase down their prey when they are enveloped with hunger. Extraordinary hearing is something they use to track down their prey or enemies that may try to harm them. Except for these supernatural abilities they contain something that overpowers almost any being. The power to control any person to their will is somewhat of a skill that reduces the greatest



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