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Art Commision Statement

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Art Commission Statement

Concepts of humanity's relationship to nature

For many years Christians and Jews have divided because of their beliefs except during Passover and Easter. Passover and Easter divide us by bringing us closer together (Gellman, Marc). During this season humanity comes together because we all wait anxiously for the beginning of springtime. For Jews the parsley on the Seder plate is the same significance as what Easter eggs are for Christians; they are both symbols of springtime. This glass painting will remind humanity of rebirth, it is a time when we can repent and start all over. Passover is about freedom and Easter is about salvation of sin, but both offer liberation to humanity. Easter is the only Christian holiday which is calculated on the ancient Jewish lunar calendar.

Individual's relationship to the world and deity

To an individual person it can mean a day of new hope, a time of a new beginning of a new opportunity. This is a chance to restart a relationship not only by God, but also with every human being. During our lives we can lose hope for many reasons either because we have bad luck or simply because we make the wrong choices. Passover and Easter can restore our hope so we can make a new start not only mentally but also spiritually. It is a time of hope for many individuals who are willing to change their lives and become better Christians. Passover and Easter can help us relate and understand the deity to a point that will help us live a better life. Just as God reached into every Hebrew home during Passover, God reached out into every Christian heart during Easter, then and now (Gellman, Marc). Passover and Easter can be celebrated with joy and hope because this is what these celebrations were meant to be; a time for hope and rebirth. As individuals we need to embrace this celebration to fill our hearts with faith and hope for a new beginning.



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