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As the Japanese and Germans Were at War

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Essay Preview: As the Japanese and Germans Were at War

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Ch. 22 Notes

1) As the Japanese and Germans were at war invading more and more countries, many businesses related to the countries still were going through. Henry Ford had done business with Germany and Japan had been shpping trucks and aircrafts. Many Immigrants from the 2 countries were proud of the expansion of their national power which led to the Neutrality Act banning anyone to travel to countries at war.

2) As war continued in Europe America had joined in after the incident of Pearl Harbor. In 1943 Sicily was invaded by British and American forces resulting to the liberation of Italy. When America had entered north France with British and Canadian soldiers, Parris had been liberated, that day was known as D-Day. Germany had been losing power and had surrendered after being forced by the Russians in Stalingrad.

3) During the war many of the men's jobs were occupied by women. Women had to fill industrial jobs that man had vacated. Women were represented as being strong and independent in Hollywood films due to the jobs of producing military units. As women continued to work in industrial jobs they had promoted issues such as unequal pay for equal work.

4) As the war continued the US had created and agreed with the Mexican government to the Bracero Program where it allowed Mexican to come back to the US to work temporarily to the wartime short labor. Mexicans worked agricultural and industrial jobs. During their labor more than 4.5 million Mexicans entered the US and some had entered illegally for the job opportunities.

5) During the war blacks were still by the public known as outsiders. Blacks weren't allowed to give blood to Red Cross as the organization believed it would "mix blood" of different races. Charles Drew, a black scientist who contributed to the techniques of storing and shipping blood plasma, had spoken out about such a claim that had no scientific basis.

6) In 1944 Hitler launched a counterattack in France, which forced the allied power back 50 miles and had created the battle known as the Battle of the Bulge. In result 70,000 Americans died. In March 1945 American troops were able to resist by crossing the Rhine River and entered the heart of Germany. Due to the circumstances and being surrounded, Hitler took his own life. May 8th known as V-E Day was the end of the war against Germany.

7) FDR had won another term making it his fourth; however he did not live through it, since he died on April 12, 1945. FDR's successor, President Truman had took office and was told by the Secretary of War, Henry Stimson about the atomic bomb that was known to be "the most terrible weapon ever known in human history". The bomb was based on Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. On August 6, 1945 America dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. The result of 70,000 people died



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