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A Book of Peace: A World of War - the Holy Koran's Connection to Islam

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Essay Preview: A Book of Peace: A World of War - the Holy Koran's Connection to Islam

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A Book of Peace: A World of War

The Holy Koran's Connection to Islam

The Koran is a book of peace thrown to a wild race of murdering, vengeful tribes that populated the Arabian Peninsula. Its creation helped shape history of this region for millenniums to come. The Arabs had been at war within the peninsula and ever since the followers of this book which was verbally given by the prophet Mohammed; they have been united behind their faith against their enemies. For the peoples of the tribes, it is hard to decipher if all wars were justified by the word of God. Especially the conflicts that begun the Muslim's world expansion after Muhammad's death in 632CE. (Life of Muhammad.291)

The Arab tribes throughout the Arabian Peninsula were polytheistic, with each tribe having its own local deity. These tribes were based on beliefs of family and were highly territorial over the regions scare resources. Water was a major source of bloodshed because it was the key to surviving the treacheries of the dessert. In 570CE a boy was born to Mecca who would change the face of the Arab world. This boy named Muhammad would bring the tribes together under one God, under the religion of Islam, which was given to him by the one God though this god's angel. This angel would visit Muhammad for 23 years up to his death in 632CE. (Quran. XII) The words passed to Muhammad would become the holy book of Islam, the Koran. (Life of Muhammad.)

Beginning in 610 CE Mohammed claimed to have received angelic revelations that Allah was the supreme god and had a message of warning. This warning was of god's creation plan. He gave beings life. He made the earth for those beings to benefit from, and with enjoying all the blessings given by the Creator he ask for the beings respect him. If one did not respect the blessings or the Creator, you will meet the fires of hell which is mentioned many times over.

Several years later Mohammed began to speak publicly as a prophet of Allah, but was rejected by the pagan Meccans. Most pagans rejected Mohammad as a prophet for Mohammad proclaimed his only miracle was the book was of God. Within the Koran as it became known, was the Creation plan. The pagans rejected this plan because it included talk of an afterlife. "But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, we shall admit them to Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise), abiding therein forever. Therein they shall have Azwaajun Mutahharatun (purified mates or wives), and we shall admit them to shades wide and ever deepening (Paradise)" (Quran 4:57) Many pagans believed there is no life after you body had rejoined with the elements, and this afterlife was too good to be true.

With this and the fear of Mohammed's power, intensity of the persecution of Mohammed and his followers grew through the years and forced him to flee to Medina



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