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Audience Analysis Team Paper

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Audience Analysis

When presenting information to a group of stakeholders, including supervisors, salespeople, and customers it is important to consider the way in which the information is presented as well as what information needs to be conveyed to each individual group. When supplying information to a multi-level group there is a need to ensure that each member will be effectively informed with the information he or she needs. Providing specific, informative and knowledgeable will allow each group to understand the information intended for them and the overall communication in the meeting.

Characteristics and Consideration of the Audience

"Audience analysis gives you the tools needed to shape your product and your message" (Merrick, 2006, p. 44). A key part in analyzing the audience is being a person who knows who in an audience is needs to hear what has to be said." The most important tools in audience analysis are common sense and empathy" (Locker & Kienzler, 2008, p. 49). This is accomplished by knowing what characteristics of the audience are. First there has to be an identification of the audience and to identify the primary audience. Knowing who the communication is being geared toward is fundamental to the success of any message, the parts of an audience need to be identified, what are the motivations and how can they reach those (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). A primary audience are the group of people who the communicator is looking for, if a presentation is being done different key points will need to be stressed to grab the attention of each individual for example, if it is a stakeholders attention that is wanted the mentioning of the projected profit margins over a quarterly period. If it is a manager, salesperson, or even the customer the price should be mentioned of a particular product or brand and a new over an old one that was already being carried. In addition, it would be better if this were a product that the customer was already buying.

Considerations for the Diversity of the Audience

Presenting to a diverse audience requires adequate preparation. Locker and Kienzler (2008) explained effective oral communication requires cultural understanding. Specific acts, such as business introduction may differ across cultures. During business meetings, even words as distinct as yes and no may cause confusion. In some cultures saying no is considered rude a yes may mean merely "I heard you." Business communication is also influenced by the organizational culture and by personal culture, such as gender, race, and ethnicity, social class, and so forth. These intersect to determine what kind of communication is needed in a given situation. Elashmawi and Harris (2000) explains when the speaker is addressing a diverse audience there are certain cultural contrast to consider. The purpose of introduction, Image of individual, Information related to the business, use of language, and the value of the individuals.

Effective Message

When a presentation is for a large group of people in different positions certain considerations should be in place. Locker and Kienzler (2008) explain that many business's and administrative messages



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