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Groups and Teams Paper

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Groups and Teams

Many individuals think of groups and teams as the same. However, that is not a true statement. However, a group and team do have a similarity that both are working toward a goal there are some differences. Whenever an organization brings together a group of individuals diversity can take root. Diversity can have benefits and challenges. Workplace diversity can play important role of organizations, and achieving goals of the organization. Team dynamics within a group or team deals with the forces of how individuals work and interact with each other.

Defining Groups and Teams

According to Business Dictionary (2011), "Groups are a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction, mutual influence, common feeling of camaraderie, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals." An example of a group would be support group. Numerous types of support groups exist such as Alcoholics Anonymous®. "Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism". (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, 2011, p. 1)

"A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable". (Katzenbach & Smith, 1993, p. 1) An example of a team is a college learning team. The learning team will work together to build upon the strengths and weaknesses of all individuals to complete college projects. According to Katzenbach & Smith, 1993, "Teams out perform individuals especially when diverse skills, judgment, and experience can improve the results."

The words group and team are interchangeably. However, a difference does exist between the definitions of the two words. An example is a room filled with various professionals. When the individuals are divided up into groups such as by expertise, experience, gender, or age this would be a group. However, a team consists of individuals selected for his or her complementary set of skills. An example is a business team. The business team could consist of organization executive, accountant, secretary, customer service representative, and sales representative.

Importance of Diversity and Team Dynamics in the Workplace

According to Business Dictionary.com, 2011, "Similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation." The performance of a diverse group is better. The individuals in the diverse groups brings experiences, perspectives, and attitudes to group table. When this group of individuals is combined it will generate a group equipped better in tackling challenges and problems. The culture of an organizational not only encourages the involvement of the employees but also creates a strong sense of responsibility and ownership is important to the organization in reaching the goals of the organization.

Workplace diversity has both benefits and challenges. The benefits are better decision-making, higher creativity, solving problems, and greater innovation. This can enhance the development of products for the organization. When an organization recognizes importance of diversity inside the organization management will link the talents of numerous individuals to reach goal of organization. An example would be Komatsu America Corporations USTC department with is the research and development group of the organization. "Komatsu is actively engaged in research and development activities for new technologies, new products and new services



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